About Us

innovasic-markets-and-chipsInnovasic produces silicon and software solutions for customers with long product life-cycles including industrial automation, transportation, instrumentation, automotive, and medical applications. The company supplies extended-life processors, peripherals, ASICs and mixed-signal devices for embedded communication and control. Innovasic has established a world-class reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing pin-compatible integrated circuits that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer. The company’s RapID Platform for Industrial Ethernet connectivity extends its commitment to long life-cycle products for customers developing Industrial Networking products.


Innovasic was founded in Albuquerque, NM in 1992 and has grown into a global supplier of electronic components. Originally established as a design services firm, Innovasic pioneered the FPGA and ASIC conversion business by developing novel approaches to achieve first pass success. Innovasic became a "go to" company whenever a particular conversion proved too hard or impossible for other companies. This dedication led to the development of the MILES™ (Managed IC Lifetime Extension System) development process in which ICs can be consistently and effectively reproduced with information in the public domain.

As obsolescence issues became more prevalent, the MILES process was applied to develop replacements for discontinued integrated circuits from AMD, Intel, Zilog and others, and Innovasic’s product portfolio began to grow. Innovasic’s expertise in pin-compatible processors and communication devices emerged from this growth, and today this expertise serves as the foundation for the company’s current roadmap for extended life communications and control ICs.

The Innovasic product line now includes its own unique devices for communication, control, and Industrial Ethernet applications. The patented fido communication controller and supporting product line combines a "Universal Interface Controller" with an innovative "RTOS Kernel in a Chip™" to achieve real-time deterministic processing. These two features give customers real-time, robust, and high availability communication with nearly any protocol. And, since Innovasic specializes in supplying components to customer with long-life-cycle products, the fido communication controller is a perfect fit for applications like Industrial Ethernet. The company also wraps complete support around fido by providing an ecosystem from development software to reference designs.


In support of our commitment to quality, Innovasic has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 2002, and is currently certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The company also focuses on zero-defects through its continuous improvement program, and this goal has been achieved in over 150 successful IC designs with over 2 million devices shipped and zero field failures. Our commitment to quality and our dedication to finding long-term solutions have made Innovasic a trusted partner and an approved supplier for leading electronic system manufacturers worldwide.