Executive Team


Jordon is a co-founder of Innovasic and is responsible for the daily operation of the Analog Devices Deterministic Ethernet Technology Group. He has 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and over 20 years of executive management experience. His engineering experience includes ASIC, cell-based, FPGA, PCB, GaAs, and HDL-based design.   More recently, his responsibilities at Analog Devices expanded to include strategic direction and business development for the company's line of Industrial Networking products. He is familiar with a variety of Ethernet-based Industrial protocols including IEEE-1588, Ethernet/IP, Device Level Ring (DLR) protocol and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP).  He is also Analog Devices's representative at the IEEE 802 working group defining new Ethernet standards for Time Sensitive Networks.  Mr. Woods was previously employed at Honeywell where he developed semiconductor solutions for various markets including optical disk, digital mapping and graphics.


Tom has nearly 30 years of experience with semiconductors and embedded systems ranging from ASIC design to avionics system development.  He has an extensive background in program management, business development, and marketing.  At Analog Devices, his blend of technical and business qualifications drive the company’s marketing strategy and product roadmap.  He is also involved with all of the leading Industrial Ethernet industry organizations and has a lead role in strategic account management, business development, product marketing, and marketing communications.  Prior to Analog Devices, Tom held key development and management positions at Honeywell, ATK Mission Research, and TransEL Corporation.  He holds a BSEE and MSEE from Southern Methodist University.


Bill Broome has over 18 years of technology experience. His skills include project management, technical leadership and personnel management. He has worked in the areas of HDL design, processors, communications, MAC & switch design, synthesis, Verilog and VHDL. Mr. Broome holds a BSEE from the University of New Mexico.