Deutschmann Automation has incorporated Innovasic’s fido1100® Communications Controller and reference design into their UNIGATE® IC and UNIGATE® CL EtherNet/IP gateway products. Deutschmann Automation has been working in the sector of automation engineering for 33 years, having become known with electronic cam controls in the early eighties. The company has been working in the sector of industrial communication for 14 years, developing and manufacturing products for communication with field buses and Industrial Ethernet. The UNIGATE Series of products covers single-chip solutions for integration in customer products, DIN rail gateways from serial port to field buses and Industrial Ethernet, as well as gateways for linking various field buses and Industrial Ethernet. 

Kalycito is Innovasic's partner for RapID platform integration. Kalycito is a knowledge based design services company with experience working in PROFINET, Ethernet POWERLINK and EtherNet/IP. With domain expertise in multi-protocol industrial communications, real-time communication systems, time sensitive networking, deterministic Ethernet, open source protocols and continuous integration, Kalycito enables customers to reduce risks and shorten their learning curve. The services offered include embedded design, development, integration and validation to enable customers with enhanced support and improved user experience by reducing their time-to-market and cost.



Molex supplies a wide range of communication and connectivity solutions that enable intelligent devices like personal computers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and field devices (input/output, drives) to exchange information through an industrial network.  Innovasic has partnered with Molex to provide Profinet software for the RapID Platform.

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Pyramid Solutions is Innovasic’s partner for the EtherNet/IP stack for the RapID platform. Pyramid Solutions combines a breadth of expertise in technology consulting, software engineering and system integration, with industry leading software and hardware products, to create best-in-class solutions. Founded in 1990, Pyramid Solutions is highly regarded as a trusted solution provider — committed to resolving their customer's current challenges with grow-for-tomorrow solutions. 


StacLan is Innovasic’s partner for standard Ethernet solutions. The company is a market leader for networking protocols aimed at embedded systems. They offer low-layer TCP/IP stacks, including state-of-the-art IPv6, up to high-value and optimized network management (SNMP) and security (SSL and encryption libraries). StacLan solutions are royalty-free and used in more than 120 million embedded devices. 


Signum Systems develops, manufactures, and distributes embedded software development tools for 80186, 8051, ARM, XC16x, TMS320 and other microcontroller families. These tools support development with Innovasic's Extended Life IC products. Signum delivers In-Circuit Emulators (ICE), In-Circuit Debuggers (ICD), C compilers, Macro Assemblers, real-time executives, debuggers and simulators, integrated environments, evaluation boards and flash programming tools.