"Innovasic delivered what was promised, and the solution perfectly met our needs.  The software quality was outstanding."

John Witters, Fluke Corporation 

"We are very pleased with the performance of the fido1100 and reference design, as well as with the outstanding support we have received from Innovasic. With Innovasic’s solution, the UNIGATE CL took less than six months to release to market.”

Gunther Lawaczeck, Deutschmann Automation

"Innovasic was selected as a strategic supplier by Cummins because they have a proven track record for both developing and supplying reliable integrated circuits to support critical automotive requirements. The level of expertise in their organization, and their policy of providing long term supply for their products, provides advantages from which we expect to benefit."

Scot Harker, Assistant Chief Engineer, Cummins Fuel Systems

"The engineering base at Innovasic is excellent. And the components that are available off the shelf at Innovasic are a good fit to meet Rockwell's needs."

Steve Clay, Rockwell Automation

"fido achieved better performance in terms of jitter, with a much more straightforward software implementation thanks to its innovative chip architecture."

Schneider Electric, Grenoble

"Innovasic, better than anyone, understands the dilemma the embedded industrial electronics manufacturer faces with such a consumer centric chip market. They’ve devoted their business to making our lives easier by providing a different alternative to an age-old problem - obsolescence."

Daryl Miller, Lantronix

"Technical excellence is in Innovasic's DNA. Every Innovasic engineer we've encountered is clearly committed to building technology that works. The company operates with a very high level of integrity and truly understands the value of long-term partnerships."

Mark Mitchell, CodeSourcery

(The fido1100) "…includes some real innovation combined with some familiar and practical features"

Jim Turley, Silicon Insider

"Innovasic has put together a winning package with the fido1100 platform and its EDK “; “The software package had me off and running with something of my own in less than an hour."

William Wong, Electronic Design

"The Innovasic team has produced a remarkable device that directly addresses the needs of embedded industrial system designers."

Saumil Shah, CEO, Live Oak Logic

"The fido CISC CPU running at half the speed of the RISC CPU achieved faster response time and jitter was reduced almost 6 times with higher system reliability."

Schneider Electric, Grenoble

"Kudos to you and the Innovasic team! We've just signed off on the prototype acceptance. I must say I didn't expect to see a solution this early."

Bruce Swail, CEO, US Robotics

"The qualification results proved that Innovasic is more than able to fulfil all Wincor Nixdorf quality requirements."

Stefan Tölle, Wincor Nixdorf

"The main difficulty in achieving (deterministic performance) on a standard CPU comes from jitter introduced by the TCP/IP stack and the task context switching time. These issues are easily solved thanks to the new fido architecture."

Schneider Electric, Grenoble