Find value with Innovasic’s deterministic at the node technology

In a factory, Ethernet is replacing traditional serial Fieldbuses and is quickly becoming the de facto network throughout the entire enterprise. The main advantage of this transition to Ethernet is to seamlessly get information from the manufacturing side to the front office.

Ethernet on the manufacturing side of the enterprise is typically called Industrial Ethernet and uses various protocols such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP to keep production moving. Ethernet on the office side of the enterprise is standard Ethernet and is used to transport factory environment and production information to various the management systems.

Because “knowledge is power”, the line between the manufacturing side and the office side are blurring. The location of information sources that help a factory run smoothly and efficiently aren’t always in convenient places so information might have to be routed through work segments that have nothing to do with that part of the factory.

To further complicate matters, there are many different types of Ethernet traffic, protocols, and topologies that can affect what traffic factory devices see. Network loading can vary greatly, and if conditions spike or persist, the operation of these devices can be affected which can lead to slowdowns, stoppages, or even failures.

In order to solve this problem, Innovasic has developed technology that provides “determinism at the node” for factory devices so they do not have to worry about the effects of network loading. This means device operation in the production line continues flawlessly – receiving and transmitting its data – regardless of network infrastructure changes, network management queries, or network data storms.

“Determinism at the node” is achieved using a combination of hardware and software that separates real-time I/O messages from standard Ethernet messages. This guarantees better connectivity by allowing messages to arrive on-time, every time, with extremely low jitter – typically less than 2 percent for EtherNet/IP and point 5 percent for PROFINET- so your facility will operate more efficiently with less downtown.

Innovasic calls “determinism at the node” PriorityChannel® Technology, and when your company uses Innovasic products with PriorityChannel® Technology, your automation devices will run faster and smoother, eliminating the risk of slowdowns or network load failures, saving your company time and money.

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