fido1100 Communication Controller

fido logoflexible input, deterministic output

fido has an innovative new architecture that redefines the boundaries between hardware and software, providing deterministic performance with its unique "RTOS Kernel On a Chip." This, along with the flexibility of programmable I/O peripherals and on-chip debug tools, distinguishes fido from other communications controllers. fido combines these new features with something familiar - the 68000 instruction set. This is arguably the most widely known and used instruction set in the embedded market today. The development tools are well-proven and robust, providing a very mature and reliable tool-chain upon which fido resides.

Winner of Control Engineering

Innovation Award 2006

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  • Deterministic performance unmatched by other microcontrollers

  • Reduced latency and jitter even at moderate clock speeds

  • Longevity and guaranteed obsolescence protection

  • Flexibility to support a wide range of I/O protocols on a single part

  • 68000 code compatibility and robust development tool-chain

  • Reduced development time and effort using on-chip debug tools

  • Reduced dependency on RTOS for safety-critical or hard real-time performance

  • Fail safe recovery from "fatal" execution faults

  • Complete solutions available for Industrial Ethernet

  • Roadmap targeted at embedded control and communications

  • Complete design solution available for Profinet and EtherNet/IP

"The debug capability was used in a very clever way: a breakpoint was set conditionally during code execution by the code itself! This debug capability is the best we have seen so far."- Schneider Electric, Grenoble, France

"The programmable I/O is one of fido's distinguishing features. It's both clever and powerful" - Jim Turley, Silicon Insider

"the fido CISC CPU running at half the speed of the RISC CPU achieved faster response time and jitter was reduced almost 6 times with higher system reliability."- Schneider Electric, Grenoble

Key Features

  • fido chipReal-time 32-bit microcontroller

  • New CISC architecture optimized for real-time

  • CPU32+ (68000) instruction set compatible

  • Context Manager (RTOS Kernel in a Chip)

  • Patented 32-bit Real-Time Architecture with 68000 software compatibility

  • On-chip priority based pre-emptive scheduler

  • 5 independent hardware contexts

  • Single clock cycle context switching

  • On-chip time- and space-partitioning

  • Deterministic Cache

  • Dedicated Peripheral Management Unit

  • Universal I/O Controller (UIC) supporting:

  • Full featured two channel DMA with deterministic arbitration

  • Zero-overhead Endian conversion

  • Five counters and timers

  • Two 32-bit timer control unit

  • Watchdog timer

  • Context timer

  • External Bus Interface

  • 8-bit or 16-bit interface

  • Programmable chip selects

  • SDRAM controller

  • 24 KBytes high-speed SRAM

  • Flat contiguous memory

  • Non-aligned memory access

  • Automatic sleep mode when contexts are inactive

  • JTAG emulation and Debug Interface

  • On-chip debug tools

  • Unlimited trace buffer anywhere in memory

  • True on-chip single stepping (no emulation)

  • Single step one context while other run at speed

  • Context-aware breakpoints with minimal instrumentation

  • Break/watch points can be chained together to capture elusive bugs

  • Library and support tools

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Customized GNU tool set

  • Full library support

  • UIC libraries

  • Embedded communication stacks

  • GPIO sample programs

  • 3.3V with 5V tolerant I/Os

  • Industrial temperature grade

    • 10/100 Ethernet

    • UART

    • GPIO

    • MAC filtering



  • 208-Lead PQFP

  • 208-Ball BGA (0.8mm pitch) 


  • Industrial Automation

  • Motion Control

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Communication Controllers

  • Real-time Embedded Devices

  • Instrumentation

  • Safety-critical devices

  • I/O Modules 

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