IA186XL / IA188XL

Key Features


  • Pin compatible with the Intel® 80C186/188XL devices

  • Same Integrated Feature Set and Instruction Set as the Intel® devices

  • Crystal Supports Internal 25 Mhz Operation

  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature

  • Available for the life of your product


  • 68-Lead PLCC

  • 80-Lead PQFP - Special Order Only

  • 80-Lead LQFP - Speical Order Only

  • RoHS Compliant

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Part Number


IA186XLPQF80IR1 (Special Order Only) 80-Lead PQFP
IA188XLPQF80IR1 (Special Order Only) 80-Lead PQFP
IA186XLPLQ80IR1 (Special Order Only) 80-Lead LQFP
IA188XLPLQ80IR1 (Special Order Only) 80-Lead LQFP