Network Interface Evaluation Kit

This kit is for quickly evaluating the complete end-to-end solution provided by the Network Interface – from host processor to Industrial Ethernet connection. Evaluation can be completed in 3 steps: 1) Connect your host to the UART or 16-bit Parallel interface; 2) Integrate the Unified Interface API on your host; 3) Verify communication on the Industrial Ethernet connection. The module or embedded design can then be integrated into your field device reducing your overall time to market.

Setting up the evaluation environment is straightforward and allows you to focus on getting the total solution working. Your host development environment connects to one end of the evaluation kit, and a controller connects on the other end. The controller can be an actual device or a simulator available from third party suppliers. Example code for the host processor allows you to quickly learn how to communicate with the Network Interface and get it working with a controller. This code can be tailored for your actual field device application.

The contents of the kit include:

  • Baseboard

  • Power Supply

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Serial Cable

  • The Network Interface Module for your Protocol is sold separately.

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To assist you with your evaluation and development efforts, hardware design files, documentation, tools and software may be downloaded from the Developer Portal. You may create a new account for the Developer Portal or log in if you have an existing account. Visit for ordering information.

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