The RapID Platform PROFIBUS Network Interface is a pre-tested solution that manages the industrial protocol for a host processor.

PROFIBUS RapID Platform Network InterfaceThe RapID Platform Network Interface solution supports PROFIBUS with no licensing fees or royalties. And better still, with the Unified Interface, your host processor software does not need to change!

The Network Interface module or embedded design contains everything needed to participate in a PROFIBUS serial network including the communications controller, protocol stacks, Flash, RAM, and physical interface.  A host processor connects to the Network Interface via a UART or 16-bit Parallel Interface.  At the software layer, the host connects to the Unified Interface so other protocols can be used without changing the host software.  The Network Interface has passed PROFIBUS certification for DP-V1 devices.  This means your field device will operate problem-free with any PROFIBUS controller.

To support your development efforts, please create an account and login to the Developer Portal.  Here you can get the module design to embed into your application as well as the network software and Tools and Documentation.

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