TSN Evaluation Kit

The TSN Evaluation kit contains everything needed to evaluate the features of the emerging IEEE 802.1 Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards.  The kit is pre-installed with the most mature TSN features starting with802.1AS and 802.1Qbv.  As the TSN standards evolve, new features and updates will be made available as free downloads through the Developer Portal.  The kit is designed to support the following TSN standards:

  • 802.1AS, AS-REV – Time Synchronization
  • 802.1Qbv –  Scheduled Traffic.
  • 802.1Qci – Ingress Policing
  • 802.1CB – Seamless Redundancy
  • 802.1Qcc – Stream Reservation Protocol
  • 802.1Qbu / 802.3br – Preemption

TSN Kit OverviewThe evaluation kit acts as a “gateway” between a standard 100BaseTX Ethernet port and two 100BaseTX TSN ports.  The ability to use 2 TSN ports greatly expands the use of TSN by enabling evaluation of any network topology including star, redundant star, lines, and rings.   At the heart of the kit is the embedded fido5000 Real-Time Ethernet Multiprotocol (REM) programmable 3-port switch chip that manages TSN functionality.

As new features are released or when changes to the TSN standards are announced, firmware for the fido5000 REM switch is programmed using the downloads from the Innovasic Devloper Portal.  This unique reprogramming capability is important as TSN features continue to evolve through the standards process over time.

The kit is designed to enable you to quickly connect any existing Ethernet device, or even a laptop, via the standard Ethernet port.  Then you configure the gateway to use the TSN features you wish to evaluate.  This configuration allows your non-TSN application to exchange TSN datastreams with TSN talkers or listeners on the TSN network.  You can also evaluate highly reliable, deterministic operation on a converged network even in the presence of other data streams and best-effort traffic.  Evaluation of full redundancy can also be achieved ensuring a guarantee of service under any network conditions.

A PC-based tool is provided in the kit that supports selection of the desired TSN standards.  A second PC-based tool is provided that supports configuration of specific features for the selected TSN standards.

TSN Kit ApplicationsThere are many applications of the TSN Kit.  The first application is as a reference design where elements of the platform’s hardware and software can be integrated directly into your new product.  On the hardware side, the fido5000 REM switch along with any suitable PHY can be integrated with your application’s host processor.  On the software side, your application software interfaces to the APIs in the Innovasic TSN Drivers and software.  You now have a complete solution that can connect to any TSN network in any topology.

The second application is as a gateway.  Any standard Ethernet device can be connected to the TSN cloud and that device's Ethernet streams can be synchronized, scheduled, and routed for reduncancy. The gateway also provides protection from denial of service attacks through the use of ingress policing.

A third application is as a Reduncancy Box, or "Redbox" for short.  The Redbox can be attached to any single-port device and then its streams will be routed according to 802.1CB.  With this Redbox it is also possible to evaluate various topologies including lines and rings.


Package Contents

Network Interface Evaluation Kit Contents:

  • 2-port TSN Ethernet Module
  • Standard Ethernet Module
  • Baseboard with Power Supply
  • RJ-45 Ethernet Cable

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