MilesInnovasic has developed technology that dependably reproduces an integrated circuit.  This technology is called MILES™ (Managed IC Lifetime Extension System).  MILES uses the original IC and public domain information to produce the replacement integrated circuit.  However, Innovasic does NOT reverse engineer the original IC.  At no point in the MILES process does Innovasic look inside the original IC.  The MILES process treats the IC as a "black box" and respects the original manufacturer's Intellectual property rights.  The replacement IC is a "clean sheet" design - nothing about the original IC's structure or layout is used during the process.

This technology produces replacement ICs far more complex than “emulation” while ensuring they are compatible with the original IC.  MILES™ captures the design of the replacement IC so it can be produced even as silicon technology advances.  MILES™ also verifies the replacement IC against the original IC so that even the “undocumented features” are duplicated.