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  What is PriorityChannel?

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PriorityChannel eliminates the effects of network traffic loading on the device – ensuring accurate cycle-time response and safeguarding against unwanted disconnects.  Industrial Ethernet has many network traffic components.  In addition to the time critical cyclic messages, there are standard Ethernet messages being routed, Network Management protocols running, and Application Layer sending messages.  All of these other components can interfere with the cyclic messages introducing delay and jitter.

PriorityChannel is a combination of software optimized on the unique, patented architecture of the fido1100 communication controller to separate non real-time Ethernet traffic from real-time Industrial Ethernet traffic.  This is not just a special queue or sophisticated filtering.  The silicon provides a separate data pathway and a separate on-chip execution environment for real-time messages to tunnel straight to the device application.  Non real-time messages can never interrupt real-time messages making it possible to meet PROFINET cycle times with < 0.5% jitter and EtherNet/IP cycle times with < 2% jitter for all network load conditions.

To learn more about what PriorityChannel is and how it works in Analog Devices's RapID Platform solution, CLICK HERE to receive a free copy (English or German) of the Innovasic White Paper: What is PriorityChannel?

Why do you need PriorityChannel?

White PaperConventional Industrial Ethernet solutions have difficulty dealing with critical messages when network traffic increases, resulting in unpredictable packet delays, excessive latency, or even connection failure.  You can't rely on the fact that factory networks will be properly segmented to keep traffic well behaved.  Given the flexibility and myriad of capabilities Industrial Ethernet brings to the factory, you don't know how the network will morph over time.  How do you know your device will  survive?

You need PriorityChannel to protect your device from the uncertainties on the factory floor.  Regardless of the network condition or load, PriorityChannel to eliminate the effects of network traffic now and in the future.  Critical messages are delivered on-time, every time without packet delays or excessive latency.  The bottom line is, Priority Channel ensures your device will never disconnect from the network.

To learn more about how Innovasic’s RapID Platform solution performs on Industrial Ethernet networks, CLICK HERE to receive a free copy (English or German) of the White Paper: Real-Time Performance of Industrial Ethernet in Field Devices.