Technology Overview

Long Life Supply


Analog Devices's core technology centers around developing digital and mixed-signal ASIC.  By using mainstream, mature processes, all products can be supplied to customers for the life time of their products.  Technology nodes utilized are 0.6 µm to 0.35 µm for digital/mixed-signal ASICs, and down to 65 nm for pure digital ASICs.  Silicon engineering tools encompasses design and simulation at the RTL level through custom layout.


Replacement ICs

Replacement ICs began in the early 1990's when semiconductor companies obsoleted standard products because of short life cycles in the consumer markets.  Innovasic was a pioneer in this market and developed technology to quickly and reliably develop form, fit and function replacement ICs.  This technology is called MILES (Managed ILifetime Extension System) and has been used for nearly 15 years to replicate many communication and control ICs that have gone obsolete.


Silicon and Software Solutions

As silicon technology grows more complex, customers demand a complete solution in order to quickly take advantage of the latest silicon technology. Analog Devices complements its unique silicon architectures with software and reference designs to give customers a distinct competitive advantage.  For the Industrial Ethernet market, Analog Devices has developed solutions that include PriorityChannel™, a technology delivers superior network performance.

 NI Module